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To deny a human the opportunity to learn is to deny the world the a future scientist,  teacher or humanitarian.  No one benefits and everyone loses.



For purposes of this section of my website, distance learning is used in reference to asynchronous or online learning that for the most part is learning that takes place at a distance from the facilitator and in which no specific meeting times are mandatory or are a very minimal part of the learning experience.

In this section you will find information that I have gathered and use as resources.  I hope that you also find them useful.  To locate information on this topic, click on the most relevant button below.


"Distance Learning Task Force Report" was presented at the 1999 AMATYC Conference.

TEAMS Educational Resources from the LA Co Office of Education: Distance Learning Resources

UCLA Center for Communication hosts several long term projects that study the effect of the Internet (The Internet Project)


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Distance Learning Course Development

Distance Learning LMS and Tools             

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