All Native.Com offers Native American goods

American Indian Community House Gift Shop offers art, jewelry, pottery, baskets, books, etc.

Art of the First Person offers pueblo pottery and crafts

Canyon Country Originals offers jewelry and other items

Canyon Records offers Native music

Cherokee Jewelry offers jewelry by silversmith Jimmie Warnell

Chupco Indian Art Gallery offers jewelry, beadwork, Siminole patchwork clothing, home goods, etc.

Crazy Crow Trading Post offers crafts, craft supplies, beads, kits, Plains Indian dresses, etc.

Drumbeat Indian Arts offers over 2500 selections of music, blankets, books and other

Hoels Indian Shop offers jewelry, pottery, kachinas, etc

Hozhoni offers jewelry, pottery and other

Lakota Angels offers handmade Indian angels, cradle babies, etc.

Native Seeds offers "ancient seeds for modern needs"

Nizhoni Moses offers fetishes, rugs, etc

Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers Coop offers hand knit hats and scarves

Pueblo of Zuni Arts & Crafts is an online shop opened by the Pueblo of Zuni offering jewelry, fetishes, kachinas, etc.

Rainbird Trading Co offers Native American jewelry, sculpture, pottery, rugs and other

River Trading Post offers jewelry, weavings. dolls, fetishes, pottery, etc.

Sierra Madre Trading Co. offers pottery, baskets, drums, rugs and other,

Sioux Pottery offers local artist pottery

Spotted Pony Traders offers leather, warshirts, fur hats, and other

Sunrise Trading Co. offers books, music and crafts, and supplies

Tammy Beauvais Designs offers clothing with a touch of Iroquois

Taos Trading offers apparel, art, books, jewelry and other

Tribal Tees offers shirts with Native American print

Venus Brightstar offers unique antler jewelry and other

Western Canvas offers teepees, outdoor gear, etc.

White River Trader offers crafts and gifts

Wrights Indian Art offers jewelry, pottery, glass, fetishes, rugs, etc.

Written Heritage offers books, videos and patterns