Military Travel

One of the benefits given to those who serve our country is access to military travel.  Below are some sites that

 may be of interest to those who have devoted parts of their lives to the service of their country.



Chievres: Army Lodging



Souda Bay Navy Gateway



Ansbach: Army Lodging

Bamberg: Army Lodging

Baumholder: Army Lodging

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Germany offers hotel rooms in the lodge and cabins as well.   One of the most

 desirable locations in the Bavarian Alps.

Grafenwoehr: Army Lodging

Heidelberg: Army Lodging

Hohenfels: Army Lodging

Kaiserslautern: Landstuhl Air Force Inn

Kaiserslatern: Vegelweh Air Force Inn

Ramstein: Ramstein Inns

Schweinfurt: Army Lodging

Spangdalem: Spangdalem AFB Air Force Inn

Stuttgart Kelley: Army Lodging

Stuttgart Panzer: Army Lodging

Vilseck: Army Lodging

Weisbaden: Army Lodging


Aviano: Aviano AFB Air Force Inn

Naples: Navy Lodge Naples

Naples: Navy Gateway

Sigonella: Navy Lodge

Sigonella: Navy Gateway

Vicenza: Army Lodging



Atsugi: Atsugi Navy Lodge

Atsugi: Navy Gateway

Kanagawa-Ken: Army Lodging

Misawa: Navy Gateway

Okinawa: Kadena AFB Air Force Inn

Okinaway: Camp Butter Inn of the Corps  WestPac Lodge

Okinawa: Camp Butler Inn of the Corps Courtney Lodge

Okinawa: Camp Butler Inn of the Corps  Hansen Lodge

Okinawa: Navy Gateway

Misawa City: Misawa AB Air Force Inn

Sasebo: Navy Lodge Sasebo

Sasebo: Navy Gateway

Yokota: Yokota AB Air Force Inn

Yokosuka: Navy Lodge Yokosuka

Yokosuka: Navy Gateway


Puerto Rico

Ramey: USCG Air Station Borinquen

San Juan: Rio Bayamon



Lajes Field, Azores Air Force Inn


Singapore Navy Gateway


Moron AB: Moron AB Air Force Inn

Rota: Navy Lodge Rota

Rota: Navy Gateway



Alconbury RAF: Air Force Inn

Brandon, Suffolk: RAF Lakenheath

Mildenhall: Raf Mildenhall

North Hamptonshire: RAF Croughton Air Force Inn