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American Indian Community House in New York City serves the health, social service and cultural needs of Native Americans residing in New York City.

American Indian Film Institute seeks to bring Native views to the mainstream film and entertainment industry.

American Indian Scouting Association is a joint program of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

CIBA (California Indian Basketweavers Association) works to preserve the weaving traditions of California tribes.

National Trail of Tears Association tells the story of the Trail of Tears and preserves the heritage of the people driven from their homes.

Native Workplace functions to help Native Americans find employment in their communities.

NativeWeb uses telecommunication and the Internet to disseminate information from and about indigenous nations around the world to promote  understanding and communication.

NAAoG (Native American Association of German) promotes the promotes international mindedness among cultures

NCAI (National Congress of American Indians) functions to form a basis of consensus for policy for its member nations.

NCAIED (National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development) is dedicated to developing American Indian self sufficiency through business development and ownership.

NICWA (National Indian Child Welfare) works to help American Indian tribes throughout the nation strengthen and enhance their capacity to delivery quality child welfare services.

NIEA (National Indian Education Association) was founded to help give Native Americans a national voice in their struggle to improve access to educational opportunity. 

NIJC (National Indian Justice Center) functions to assist nations with the development of Native court and legal systems.

NITI (National Indian Telecommunications Institute) is an organization founded to providing telecommunications tools to

Oyate seeks to promote the honest portrayal of Native Americans through the review of textbooks, resource materials and fiction written by and about Native Americans.  They conduct educational workshops and develop teacher training materials.

Running Strong for American Indian Youth works to meet immediate needs (food, water, shelter) while helping to develop means of self sufficiency.

UNITY (United National Indian Tribal Youth) is a national network organization that promotes personal development and leadership among Native American youth.  Headquarters are in Oklahoma City.

WWWVL-American Indians is a repository of information and resources about Native America.