To deny a human the opportunity to learn is to deny the world the a future scientist,  teacher or humanitarian.  No one benefits and everyone loses.


Many families have decided to embark on home schooling for various personal reasons.  There are many pros and cons and I do not offer a position but offer these resources to those who would like to know more about it or those who have embarked on the journey.


GlobalMr offers home schooling tools and products.

Home School Foundation offers support and services to home schoolers.

Homeschool.Com offers links to many resources for homeschoolers such as kits, how-to classes, supplies, online courses, etc.

Homeschool Central offers information about state organizations, regulations, resources and products.

Homeschool World is the home of Practical Homeschooling Magazine and offers many resources such as a mall, catalogs, information on organizations, articles, etc.