To deny a human the opportunity to learn is to deny the world the a future scientist,  teacher or humanitarian.  No one benefits and everyone loses.


APA: Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education

Assessment Resource Center: works toward supporting quality assessment

Authentic Assessment Toolbox:  Rubrics, analytical versus holistic rubrics, etc.

Brevard Co: Automating Authentic Assessment with Rubrics

FairTest: National Center for Fair and Open Testing

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Rubrics and Assessment offers many links to assessment resources.

Katz, Lillian: A Developmental Approach to Assessment of Young Children

Moallem, Mahnaz: Alternative and Performance Based Assessment in Online Learning

Morris, Maureen, etal: Assessment is Bloomin' Luverly: Developing Assessment that Enhances Learning

PBS: The Testing Industry's Big Four

Teachnology: Forms of testing for teachers (with links to additional resources)