To deny a human the opportunity to learn is to deny the world the a future scientist,  teacher or humanitarian.  No one benefits and everyone loses.



Learning is experience.  Through our senses we experience objects and events and create memory in various parts of our brain.  I do not, therefore, believe that adults learn differently from children, but that because there experiences are so much greater that they process the information through the use of previously stored memories of experiences.  This is my hypothesis and there are others.

There are many who have studied adult learning and this page will take you to some of the material on the subject.

In this section you will find information that I have gathered and use as resources.  I hope that you also find them useful.  To locate information on this topic, click on the most relevant button below.


Atherton, J.S. has created a marvelous site about teaching and learning.  This is his page on Knowles but be sure to explore the entire site for some wonderful information.

Imel, Susan: Article "Inclusive Adult Learning Environments. Eric Digest

Kearsley, Greg incorporates a section about Theories in Practice and discusses adult learning theory. 

Lieb, Steven.  Principles of Adult Learning document.

Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning addresses key questions about literacy development





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