To deny a human the opportunity to learn is to deny the world the a future scientist,  teacher or humanitarian.  No one benefits and everyone loses.



Distance learning has opened the doors to education for many people.  It has also opened the doors to many who would profit at the expense of others, otherwise known as diploma mills.  Before embarking on a program, it is important to be sure that the program is offered through an accredited institution.  The links below are the primary sources through which you can verify that your institution is accredited.

In this section you will find information that I have gathered and use as resources.  I hope that you also find them useful.  To locate information on this topic, click on the most relevant button below.

Council for Higher Education Accreditation has created a database of accredited institutions by recognized accrediting bodies.

Online College.Net has created a site with information about accreditation of online colleges

U.S. Department of Education offers an overview of accreditation as well as information about accredited institutions of learning.