Gloria Bobbie

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Work Experience:                                                                                                                                                





  State University of New York        Plattsburgh

                         Adjunct Faculty

                         Spring 2013-Present

                         Teaching ANT354 “Education and Culture”. Wrote curriculum for course which is taught online.



                                      State University of New York                                      Plattsburgh

                           Adjunct Faculty                                        

                         Spring 2011-Present

                           Developed and teach INT315 “Religious Interactions in Contemporary U.S. Society. Course is taught online





University of Phoenix                                                                     Phoenix, AZ

                                      Faculty: Certified Advanced Facilitator              Spring 2005 to Present

Approved to teach the following courses.  All are taught online:

·         COM120 Effective Persuasive Writing

·         COM125 Utilizing Information in College Writing

·         COM140 Contemporary Business Communication

·         COM150 Effective Essay Writing

·         COM155 University Composition & Communication I

·         COM156 University Composition & Communication II

·         COM215 Written Communication

·         COM220 Research Writing

·         ENG102  Research Writing

·         ETH125 Cultural Diversity

·         GEN105 Skills for Learning in an Information Age

·         GEN105A  Skills for Learning in an Info Age

·         HUM130 Religions of the World

·         HUM205 World Culture and the Arts

·         INS301 Introduction to World Cultures & Social Environments

·         IT105 Skills for Learning in an Information Age

·         US101 Introduction to University Studies




                                      Plattsburgh State University of New York                 Plattsburgh, NY

Education Department                                                                                                   

Adjunct Lecturer                                                 Spring 2004 to Spring 2010

·       Developed and taught EDU583 "Distance Learning: Teaching and Learning Online" graduate level course.  Course is taught online as needed.

·       Developed and taught EDU572 "Culturally Responsive Teaching".  Students felt the course was a valuable learning experience.  Course was taught online.

·       Developed and taught EDU591 "Differentiated Instruction and Assessment".  100% of students recommended that the course become a mandatory course.  Course was taught online.

·       Developed and taught EDU554 “The Teaching Portfolio”.  Course included units on electronic portfolio development, reflection, goal setting, resumes, etc.

·       Committee work: serve on Teacher Education Unit portfolio committee.

·       Committee work: serve on Teacher Education Unit Curriculum and Instruction Redesign committee.



                                      Capella University                                                                      Minneapolis, MN

                                      Faculty Member                                                    Spring 2002 to Winter 2007

·   Developed a humanities course "Cultures of the World" to fulfill general education requirements for the Undergraduate School of Business.  The course was developed during the accreditation process of the new School, approved by the curriculum committee and reviewed by the accreditation body.  Course was taught online.

·   Taught "Developing a Business Perspective" course which was designed to introduce the student to university learning and to give the student the skills needed to succeed in the Undergraduate School of Business.  Course was taught online.


                                      Southern New Hampshire University                            Manchester, NH

                                      Adjunct faculty                                                   Spring 2003 to Summer 2008

·   Developed and taught "Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Course taught as an online course.


                                      Franklin University                                                                        Columbus, OH

                                      Adjunct Faculty                                                                   Fall 2001 to Fall 2010

·   Taught PF305 "World Cultures/Global Issues" course for fulfillment of general education requirements.  Course was taught online.


                                      Integrate Learning.Org                                                                      Cortez, CO

                                      Consultant/Research and Forums Director        Fall 2001 to Fall 2003

·   Worked under a U.S. Department of Education Star schools program grant in the development of an integrated learning program to serve as a model for effective use of technology with Native American Students in western states.

·   Established a database of materials to be used by educators who were developing a distance education delivery system through which courses could be delivered to rural residents.

·   Worked with a four state region including Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah as a consultant.

·   Developed a graduate level education course "Introduction to Brain Based Learning" for inclusion in a certificate program.


                                      Plattsburgh State University of New York                  Plattsburgh, NY

                                                                                                                                Fall 2000 to Summer 2003

Development/Multimedia Instructional                                                                 


·   Contracted by Departments of Life-long Learning and School of Professional Studies to work as part time faculty development/multimedia instructional designer.

·   Worked with faculty to assist them in the development of courses to be taught on the SUNY Learning Network.

·   Assisted in setting up templates and database through which courses would be delivered and answered questions regarding SLN.

·   Advised faculty on pedagogically sound formats of delivery and responded to faculty questions about distance learning.



                                      Plattsburgh State University of New York                  Plattsburgh, NY

Dept. of Anthropology                                                                                                    

Adjunct lecturer                                                               Spring 2000 to Present

·   Teach "Anthropological Perspectives of Global Issues". 

·   Worked closely with Dr. Richard H. Robbins to develop an online version of the global issues course that I first taught as a Teaching Assistant in the fall of 1996.  The course pioneered online distance learning at Plattsburgh State University and was initially taught using email as a means of communication until SLN was introduced to Plattsburgh.


                                      Clinton Community College                                                  Plattsburgh, NY

                                      Workshop Instructor                                                        Fall 1992 to Fall 2000

·   Developed and taught a community service babysitting course for youth.  The course emphasized child development and handling emergency situations during babysitting jobs.  During the eight years I taught this course, I did not receive one negative critique from either students or parents.


                                      Clinton Co. Nutrition Program for the Elderly         Plattsburgh, NY

                                      Homebound Meal Coordinator                                   Fall 1983 to Fall 2003

·   Originally accepted part time work doing multiple tasks after leaving a business management career to raise my children.

·   Worked full time as a homebound meal coordinator which entailed keeping track of more than 300 meals for about 270 clients, tracking their dietary needs and seeing that they received the necessary daily nutrition. 

·   Retired after 20 years to devote more time to completion of my PhD program and to work in my chosen fields of study.



Education:            Capella University                                                                      Minneapolis, MN

                                      PHD (ABD) Professional Studies in Education                               Present

·   Program allows student to focus on areas of interest.  My program is modeled after that of Teacher's College of Columbia University which combines the disciplines of Anthropology and Education.  The emphasis of my program is on learning theory, multiculturalism and the role of culture in educational learning theory and includes the study of the use of technology to enhance the educational experience.  The program is adaptable to my desired learning experience and I work individually with mentors.


                                      Plattsburgh State University of New York                  Plattsburgh, NY

                                      MALS Applied/Cultural Anthropology with concentration in          2001

Technology/Distance Learning                                                                                 

·   Program was self-designed and was approved to be completed under the guidance of a mentor in the Anthropology Department, Dr. Richard Robbins.  

·   Program included a major in Applied/Cultural Anthropology and a concentration in technology in education and distance learning. 

·   Program was self-designed, self-directed independent, individualized study format submitted and approved by the academy and included field work.  I, at the time of approval, was one of two students for whom such approval had been granted. GPA was 4.0


                                      Plattsburgh State University of New York                  Plattsburgh, NY

                                      BA Anthropology, Minors Business and Accounting                          1999

·   Attended as part time adult student to complete a major in Anthropology with a GPA of 3.9 and minors in business and accounting with a GPA of 3.7.






Professional Development:




·       Aug. 24-26, 2013: University of Phoenix: 2 day workshop on development and application of rubrics

·       June 26-27, 2013 University of Phoenix: 2 day ADA focus group

·       May 30, 2013: SUNY sponsored Certification workshop: Applying the Quality Matters Rubric

·       November 12, 2012: University of Phoenix: 3 day workshop: Supporting the first year student workshop

·       February 28, 2012: Advanced Facilitator Certification: Univ. of Phoenix: 4 week course taken to achieve advanced certification in online facilitation

·       November 8, 2011: University of Phoenix 3 day workshop on content-specific enrichment, online instruction pedagogy

·       November 1, 2011: Axia 3 day workshop on how to create a classroom learning environment that integrates academic rigor, faculty research and faculty scholarship

·       May 8, 2011: Axia College workshops on classroom management and the use of Socratic methods in communication and assessment

·       November 18, 2010: Axia College workshops on academic writing style and plagiarism assessment

·       November 29, 2010: SUNY Plattsburgh CTE faculty student forum on online teaching.

·       October 26-28,2010: Axia College workshops on formative assessment

·       October 20-22 & 27-29, 2010:  Axia College: FYS Workshops on remedial learning with the adult learner.

·       October 10, 2010 Axia: Formative assessment workshop

·       July 24, 2009: Franklin University: professional development “Introduction to Behavioral Intervention”.  Focused on disruptive students and intervention to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

·       March 6, 2009 SUNY Plattsburgh seminar presented by David Iasevoli and Susan Mody addressing “Behind Education”.

·       October. 4, 2008: Franklin University Faculty Retreat.

·       May 19-23, 2008: SUNY Teacher Education Unit education retreat in which we worked with Dr. Linda Black about topics related to the reorganization of the TEU.

·       April 12, 2008: SUNY Plattsburgh Democracy Forum

·       December. 4, 2007: Franklin University workshop including the use of social network sites in education.

·       November/27-29, 2007: Axia Faculty Development Workshop focusing on administrative resources, faculty tools and student retention.

·       April 24-27, 2007: Axia Faculty Development Workshop focusing on new student success addressed strategies and techniques to assist students in being successful in their academic program.

·       April 9, 2007: Franklin University faculty workshop "Do You Teach the Way Your Students Learn" discussed the applicability of learning styles to instruction and how to integrate various types of learning to meet the needs of all students.

·       February 27-March 1, 2007: Axia College faculty workshops emphasizing online communication between student and faculty.

·       September. 29, 2006: Workshop at Plattsburgh State University of New York offered by Dr. Peter Seldin.  Dr. Seldin is one of the nation's foremost authorities on the evaluation of teaching.  The workshop discussed elements of effective teaching and means of evaluating teaching.

·       August. 29-30, 2006: Faculty development training at Axia College.  The training focused on skills for classroom management.

·       August, 2006 (continuously renewed):  Certification for Use of Human Subjects in Research sponsored by Plattsburgh State University of New York.  The workshop was a refresher to renew previous certification and a certificate of completion was received.

·       June 28-29, 2006:  Axia College faculty development training which focused on the use of the new OLS system for course delivery.  The workshop also served as a refresher on such topics as ADEA, course management skills and working online with students.

·       April 20, 2006: Plattsburgh State University of New York faculty development workshop on the use of the Angel Course Management system for online course design

·       April 13, 2006: Plattsburgh State University of New York faculty development workshop on the Angel Course Management System chat functions for the use of online chat systems.

·       April 6, 2006: Plattsburgh State University of New York faculty development workshop on the use of the Angel Course Management system for site management instruction.

·       March 23, 2006: Plattsburgh State University of New York faculty development workshop on the use of the Angel Course Management system for the development of online grade books.

·       March 24, 2006: Learning visit to St. Regis Mohawk School, where I escorted Dr. David Hill, Dean of the School of Health, Education and Human Services on a visit to the St. Regis Mohawk School to learn the methods used in the successful integration of New York State Standards into the education system serving students from the Mohawk Nation.

·       March 23, 2006: Plattsburgh State University of New York faculty development workshop on the use of Angel Course Management system for the development of quizzes and tests.

·       January 19, 2006: Franklin University culture and business  faculty development seminar regarding the relationship between culture, international development and business.

·       November 10, 2005: Franklin University faculty development workshop on the use of Elluminate Live programs to create a virtual classroom and collaborative environment in the online course.

·       June 2005: ISTE/NECC (International Society for Technology in Education/National Educational Computer Conference).  I attended the conference in Philadelphia, PA where I attended workshops and seminars regarding meeting standards and the alignment of online courses with standards in education through the use of technology, motivation of students through the use of technology and current pedagogy.

·       September 30, 2004: Franklin University faculty development workshop focusing on best practices to help ESL students to succeed in college.

·       April 10, 2004: Franklin University faculty development seminar that addressed methods of providing more effective feedback to students.

·       March 1, 2004: Southern New Hampshire University faculty development seminar in which Dr. William Morrison shared best practices for use of case studies in the hybrid and online course.

·       February 26, 2004: Franklin University faculty development seminar in which discussions regarding identifying and working with students who plagiarize occurred. 

·       February 23 to March 8, 2004: Southern New Hampshire faculty seminar that examines the best practices involved in leading an online case study. Seminar included reading a case study and participating in learning the steps involved in leading an online, case-based discussion toward specific educational goals.

·       February 17 to Feb 23, 2004: Capella University faculty development seminar involving daily lesson plans to fully train faculty in the presentation of online learning using the WebCT Vista course management system.  Seminar included both online and conference sessions using Horizon Live).

·       Winter 2004: Plattsburgh State University of New York faculty development workshop to explore the pros and cons of using Power Point presentations on the Web.  Topics covered included accessibility issues as well as technology issues.

·       Fall 2003: Franklin University faculty development workshop to advance my knowledge in the management of the online course.

·       Fall 2003: Capella University faculty colloquium and workshops in which I participated in faculty development seminars to advance the development and knowledge of the University in the research and study of successful online learning.  I was flown by the University to Minneapolis to share my experiences in online learning.

·       Spring 2003: Completed certification in Human Subjects Research sponsored by Plattsburgh State University of New York.  Completed modules 1. History and Ethical Principles, 2. Basic Institutional Review Board, 3. Informed Consent, 4. Social and Behavioral Research, 5. Research involving Records, 6. Genetics Research in Human Populations, 7. Research with Protected Populations, 8. Research involving Prisoners, 9. Research Involving Children, 10. Research Involving Pregnant Women and 11. Population Risks.

·       Spring 2003: Southern New Hampshire University faculty development course in instructional design, instructional technology emphasizing Blackboard Course Delivery System and online learning theory.

·       Spring 2002: Capella University faculty development course in online learning and learning theory.

·       Spring 2002: Franklin University workshop in online plagiarism and plagiarism software.  Workshop included training in implementation.

·       Fall 2001: Franklin University faculty development course in online distance education.

·       Spring 2000: TechEd2000 in Palm Springs, CA: was selected to attend the conference because of my work in distance education and my contribution to the campus community in the development of the distance education program for Plattsburgh State University of New York.

·       Spring 2000: Plattsburgh State University of New York workshop series presented by Life Long Learning which explore the use of distance learning in educational institutions.

·       Spring 1999: SUNY Learning Network faculty development series offered by the SLN Network Instructional Design group to prepare faculty in the design and presentation of courses to be offered online.




·       Spring and Fall 2012 Plattsburgh State University of New York.  Served as mentor for Anthropology student completing research project for degree completion.

·       Fall 2003 Plattsburgh State University of New York.  Served as mentor for undergraduate student through The Center for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion

·       Spring 1982 to Spring 1994.  Volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician with Morrisonville Ambulance Squad. During my time there I was elected to both a squad officer position and a line officer position. I completed EMT Training and Licensing through the State of New York, EVOC certification and NYS Extrication certification.

·       1978 to 1994 American Red Cross.  Taught all levels of first aid and CPR as a volunteer instructor.

·       Various years for multiple organizations.  Led and organized various youth programs and school functions including work with Girl Scouts, PTO, Camp Fire and various sport team activities.


Awards and Honors:



·       May 3, 2008: Induction into Delta Kappa Gamma Society for women educators.

·       September 2006:  Was recognized by Franklin University for five years of service to the university and was presented with an inscribed wooden plaque.

·       Spring 2002:  Received the "Outstanding Distance Learning Faculty Award" from Plattsburgh State University of New York and was presented with a certificate.

·       Spring 2002:  Franklin University Faculty Award based on student critiques of faculty performance and department assessment.  Faculty member must rank in the top quartile of all adjunct faculty in performance measures.

·       Spring 2001: Plattsburgh State University of New York Superior Achievement Award for maintaining a GPA of 4.0 in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program

·       Fall 1999 to Spring 1999:  Dean's List at Plattsburgh State University of New York.  Part time students were recognized for eligibility during entire degree program.

·       Spring 1997: Alpha Sigma Lambda Achievement Award was presented to me at the Plattsburgh State University of New York 14th Annual Spring Academic Convocation.  The award is presented to an adult student for academic achievement and service to the community or college.

·       Spring 1997: Phi Kappa Phi honor society induction for overall academic achievement at Plattsburgh State.

·       Spring 1997: Alpha Sigma Lambda nomination for the national Sigma Lambda Scholarship Fund Award.

·       Spring 1997: All-American Scholar Collegiate Award for which I was nominated by Dr. Prem Ghandi, Dean of the School of Business and Economics.

·       Fall 1996: Sigma Beta Delta National Honor Society in Business Management and Administration induction.

·       Spring 1995: Phi Alpha Theta induction through the Alpha-Gamma Chapter in recognition of conspicuous attainments and scholarship in the field of history.  Nomination by Dr. Vincent Carey.

·       Fall 1993: Alpha Sigma Lambda induction through Zeta Rho Chapter of the adult honor society.

·       Spring 1993: Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society Induction.



·       ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education and ISTE SIGTE (ISTE Special Interest Group Teacher Education) is an international society that is one of the major groups responsible for the development of the National Education Technology Standards and the National Educational Technology Policy.  Members of SIGTE were asked to comment on a review both the standards and the policy as they were developed.  The organization works closely with NCATE to develop standards for teacher education programs that prepare future teachers for the technological classrooms they will encounter.

·       NYSCATE (New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education) focuses on the implementation and integration of technology in the State of New York. 

·       AAA (American Anthropological Association) and CAE (Council on Anthropology and Education focuses on the development and integration of Anthropology in pre-college educational institutions.  It also has a research focus on the role of culture in education.



                                                                                 Research Navigator Guide 2006                                  

·   Allyn and Bacon Publishers

·   Book revision published fall 2006

·   Revised and updated the book which I originally wrote alone and later co-authored with Linda Barr.  This book is used as a supplement to Anthropology and other social science texts sold by Allyn and Bacon and promoted as a research guide.


                                      Research Navigator Guide 2004                                                                             

·   Allyn and Bacon Publishers

·   Book published fall 2003

·   Co-authored with Linda Barr, the text is a guide to doing social science research and is promoted as a supplement to Anthropology and other social science textbooks.


                                      I Search Anthropology 2003                                                                                      

·   Allyn and Bacon Publishers

·   Book published spring 2003

·   Co-authored with Linda Barr, this book is used as a supplement to Anthropology and other social science texts.  The book includes URLs for use in Anthropology coursework, citation guidelines for writing papers, Internet research tools and tips and web activities for use in the Anthropology classroom


                                      Anthropology on the Net 2002                                                                                  

·   Allyn and Bacon Publishers

·   Book, published spring 2000

·   Wrote the book to be used as a supplement to Anthropology and other social science texts.  The book addresses the integration of the Internet into Anthropology and other social sciences. 


                                      Instructor Manual and Test Bank for Global Problems                              

and the Culture of Capitalism                                                                                    

·   Co-wrote the instructor manual for the text "Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism" with Dr. Richard H. Robbins.  I wrote the test bank for the manual.


                                      Online Global Problems Reader                                                                              

·   Co-edit an online reader for use as a supplement to "Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism" by Dr. Richard H Robbins. The reader supports both the online and classroom courses and is located at


Presentations and Conferences:

                           ·             Sept. 24, 2009: SUNY Plattsburgh: Peace and Social Justice  

                                  Conference “Imagine Instruments of Peace”.

·   April 4, 2009: SUNY Plattsburgh CTE conference “Discovering the Joy of Teaching: A Teaching and Learning Conference.  Attended multiple workshops and  programs.

·   July 23-30, 2004:  Constructivist Conference at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY.  I was a facilitator at a conference on constructivism in education.  My duties included providing research on various topics of interest to groups of educators to assist them in meeting pre-determined goals for problems to which they sought solutions at the conference.

·   June 19-22, 2004: ISTE/NECC Conference in New Orleans, LA.  Presented a presentation "Your Brain on Technology" and addressed the methodology through which neuroscience concepts of brain based learning can be translated to the online course environment.  I was invited to speak at the conference by ISTE representatives in attendance at my presentation at the March conference in Ontario, CA.

·   June 2-4, 2004: CIT at Stoney Brook Campus of the State University of New York: Presented "Your Brain on Technology which addressed methodology through which neuroscience concepts of brain based learning can be translated to the online course environment.

·   March 2004 TechEd2004 International Technology in Education Conference in Ontario, CA.  Presented "Your Brain on Technology" which addressed methodology through which neuroscience concepts of brain based learning can be translated to the online course environment.

·   Summer 2002 Mountain Plains Distance Learning Consortium, Riverton, WY.  Did several presentations including: 1. Presented as part of a group presentation discussing the use of technology in adult education and the use of holistic or project based learning to meet the needs of the adult student., 2. "Collaboration for Success", a presentation that discussed and offered examples of how collaboration can enhance student learning and achievement at the K-12 levels and in higher education and 3. Moderated a roundtable discussion on collaboration for success in meeting state and national education standards.  Discussion included examples of the inclusion of culturally relevant materials in standards based education in Native American schools and cross disciplinary project based learning.  It also included models for faculty development and support through the use of technology.

·   Fall 2001:  Presentation at Essex County Department of Social Services.  I was invited to address the department which sponsors a distance learning program for employees.  I did a computer presentation to introduce them to online education and spoke about the pursuit of higher education via distance learning as adult students.

·   Spring 2001 to present: SUNY Learning Network.  I was invited annually as experienced distance learning faculty to speak to faculty who are new to distance learning as a mode of course delivery during the period in which Plattsburgh participated with SLN.

·   Spring 2001: CIT2001 SUNY.  Co-presented "Inclusion Through Innovation" with Dr. Janet Worthington, Dean of Life Long Learning and Continuing Education.  The presentation addressed the use of technology to include peripheral students in mainstream education and to adapt for special needs and learning styles in course delivery to meet the needs of communities in the 21st century.

·   Spring 2001: TechEd2001 in Ontario, CA: Presented "Building Bridges" which addressed the digital divide from the cultural as well as economic perspective and the use of technology to bridge the dived.  It addressed the human factors in using technology in education and distance education to bring educational benefits to those who have not had equal access.  Socio-economic aspects that inhibit desired outcomes in the educational process were addressed.

·   Spring 2001: Plattsburgh State University of New York.  I was invited to participate in a presentation to the Faculty of Nursing where I spoke about course delivery using the SUNY Learning Network and answered questions about course delivery.

·   Spring 1998: Co-presented with Dr. Richard Robbins at a colloquium on using the Internet as a mode of course delivery. "Teaching With the Web: Integrating Technology into the Curriculum" discussed the use of the Internet and the adaptation of course materials for online delivery.

·   Fall 1997:  I was invited to address the adult student group at North Country Community College by the Coordinator of Adult Learning Services.  I spoke from the student perspective to adult students about succeeding as adult transfer students into the university setting.




 ·  May 20 &21, 2009: Participated in the Teacher Education Unit Education Retreat during which themes for accreditation were finalized in working groups.

                                                                           ·   May 9-May11, 2001.  I was sent as the representative of Plattsburgh State University to participate in the 21st Century Skillsnetwork Symposium in Washington, DC.  Skillsnetwork was a group of communities of practice established in communities throughout the United States to develop model programs for the U.S. Department of Educational Office of Vocational and Adult Education and Literacy.  The communities were to develop collaborative models between educational institutions in the community through the sharing of knowledge.

·   October 2, 2003 (planning meeting) and November 3-14, 2003 (conference):  I was invited by the Benton Foundation and the NYS Forum to participate in a planning luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, DC for the purpose of identifying critical topics for discussion at the eGov4All conference sponsored by the groups.  The invitation was based on my work with digital divide issues related to technology.  The conference, held in November, was to discuss digital divide issues as they apply to the use of technology in government and to create a set of guidelines to be presented to governmental institutions world-wide and to advise them on the accessibility problems that disenfranchise citizens in many areas. I served on multiple panels and I was quoted in the ensuing documents published after the conference.

·   Based on a recommendation from the American Anthropological Association, I received a private invitation to participate in an international professional and cultural program from Dr. Catherine Emihovich, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Florida at Gainesville.  Dr. Emihovich put together a team of professionals who specialize in anthropology and education to meet with a team of Chinese cohorts in September of 2007.  The delegation was to meet with professional colleagues to discuss topics of mutual interest to both countries and to see ways in which productive partnerships could be established.  We would be studying how the Chinese view the role of education in accelerating their economic and cultural development.  The Chinese counterparts in Beijing, Guilin and Shanghai wished to share their accomplishments and to learn from their international colleagues.  Dr. Emihovich's team was comprised of individuals recommended as experts in their fields by either the American Educational Research Association or the American Anthropological Association.  With much regret I had to forego the trip at this time because of dissertation work and a health issue that arose at the time, but have agreed to participate in future endeavors should they be undertaken.